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Raku by Robert designates the Raku Clay Art of Robert M. Small.
   Robert was a busy Doctor of Optometry for over 40 years before retiring and having the time to finally pursue his desire to work with clay.  He has done some painting in oil and watercolors, but his true attraction is to the vibrant colors and the spontaneous variety found in the art of RAKU.
  The Raku process dates back to the early 1600's, stems from the Asian countries, and has the unique quality of no two pieces turning out the same.  Robert enjoys the challenge of combining nature's scenic beauty to the world of clay....thru the Raku process.

   He lives with his wife on Camano Island, in Washington State.

   Robert is a member of the Cascade Clay Artists (CCA)

Robert's Clay Art pieces can be seen at: 
    Good Earth Pottery Gallery in Fairhaven, Bellingham, Washington
    The Saaski Gallery (Art Mercants International)
    The "Made in Washington" Store, Bellsquare, Bellevue, WA.
     Riverclay Gallery Mt. Vernon, WA
He also does occasional shows in the local area:
          Burlington Arts and Crafts Fair, November, Burlington H.S. Complex.
          Others will be listed here.

Contact:   silfox2@hotmail.com for further information.
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